" You Really Only Need One Defense for Dozens of Attacks."
This SDTS combination can be used against multiple attacks

Unlock over 600 lesson and live, expert instruction for $1.
The Self Defense Training System is a result of over a century of modern warfare . It eliminates all of the SPORT and CEREMONY of the martial arts giving  you only mission critical self defense through a progressive curriculum of unlimited access to on demand videos and online private lessons with expert instructors.
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  •  60 Minute Self Defense Program
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  •  Library
  •  24-7 Support
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  •  60 Minute Self Defense Program
  •  Family Safe Program
  •  Guardian Weapon Retention System
  •  Reality Check Program
  •  WW2 Defendu
  •  Guardian Police Combatives (full course)
  •  Combat AR
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Hear what everyone from moms to martial artists are saying about the SDTS...
"...even pregnant, I can do this."
"My confidence is sky high."
"You will be transformed."
"I used to be bullied."
Discover How to DEFEND and PROTECT....
Right Here, Right Now.
On demand video with private, expert instruction.
Unlimited Access to over 600 Instruction and Drill Videos.
 Step-by-step instruction in a modern, progressive curriculum with how to practice drills - plus downloadable manuals and course completion certificates. 
Set your rock solid self defense foundation with this all important first step. We show you exactly how to practice and give you the fundamental tactics that will follow you through the entire program. 
Discover how to knock anyone out cold with the softest part of or your hand and turn every surface of your body into a weapon of mass destruction, giving you endless confidence and knowing you’ve got it all under control.
This vicious system is designed to teach you how to avoid going to the ground and if you do, how to quickly and safely escape from any position, even if your attacker is twice your size.
Discover how to survive any situation with close range self defense tactics from the front and back, teaching you the step by step way to curtail any attacker at a moment’s notice.
You’ve learned the basics, now we’re going to deep dive into techniques designed to help you create enough space no matter your bodyweight or current fitness level, allowing you to escape from much larger, stronger and multiple attackers.
Discover how to turn your body into a piece of stone-cold iron, even if you haven’t trained in years. Using ancient combat training you can’t find anywhere else, you will be the one everyone fears, even if they don’t know it yet.
You’re a warrior, no matter how long it’s been. In this module, you’ll learn the system designed for the world’s most lethal protectors and how to condition your body into a lean, lethal, fat burning machine without stepping foot in a gym.
Warning: the dojos won’t teach you this system that has been used by those whose lives depending on it. You’ll know exactly what to do when faced with a knife, club or firearm in any situation.
Fighting with a knife or a stick is not flashy or pretty, yet it is designed to teach you exactly how to brutally punish your attacker anywhere, anytime.
Don’t make the rookie mistake that can end your life -- using takedowns made for sport. In this module, we’ll reveal the exact takedown methods you can use to drop your attacker to the ground while you stay on your feet.
Learn exactly how to use the most commonly found tools and turn them into a lethal weapon. Whether it’s a blackjack, knuckle duster, razor or bag of quarters -- these weapons are easy, cheap and deadly as ever if you learn the simple system in this training.
Discover the methods no one wants you to know about, including century removal, neck dislocations and every method known to end a life with your bare hands.
Private Instruction and 24-7 Support from Our Instructors
 Certified Experts are standing by to give you the personal attention you want on any device, from anywhere in the world. 
Meet some of our Certified Self Defense Company Instructors...
Instructor Damian Ross
  •  Self Defense Company Founder
  •  Black Belts in Jujutsu, Combatives, Judo and Tae Kwon Do
  •  Certified Bodyguard with Conceal Carry Permit
  •  Certified Coach and Trainer
  •  DIV 1 Collegiate Athlete Lehigh University (football and wrestling)
  •  Hall of Fame Athlete Ridgewood High School (football and wrestling)
  •  Firefighter
  •  Cancer Survivor
Instructor Mario Karam
  •  Self Defense Company Instructor Level 3
  •  US. Marine with Black Belts in Krav Maga/USMC MCAP
  •  Department of Defense Contractor
  •  Head Self Defense Instructor at Lebanese American University
Instructor Dennis Daroczy
  •  Self Defense Company Instructor Level 5
  •  Former SEAL Team Operator and Trainer
  •  Commercial Pilot
  •  Counter Terrorism Instructor
Instructor Bry Galgansky
  •  Self Defense Company Instructor Level 3
  •  Former Law Enforcement
  •  Defensive Tactics Instructor
Instructor George Hutchings
  •  Self Defense Company Instructor Level 5
  •  Head of Self Defense Company Instructor development
  • Black Belt and Krav Maga Certified Instructor
  •  Muay Thai Instructor
Instructor K. Wayne Neal
  •  Self Defense Company Instructor Level 1
  •  Firearms Instructor
  •  Professional Bodyguard
  •   Security Officer Registration Act (SORA) Certified
Oral "OK" Neal
  •  Self Defense Company Instructor Level 3
  •  Law Enforcement Officer 36 years (ret)
  • Defensive Tactics Instructor
Instructor Kip Marsh
  •  Self Defense Company Instructor Level 5
  •  U.S. Marine
  •  Paramedic
  •  Black Belt Kenpo
Instructor Nick Palumbo
  •  Self Defense Company Instructor Level 5
  •  Law Enforcement Officer (Retired)
  •  Black Belt Aikido
  •  Defensive Tactics Instructor
Instructor Darren Poesel
  •  Self Defense Company Instructor Level 5
  •  Lt. Col. U.S. Marines
  •  Senior Advisor Blackwater
  •  Senior Intelligence Officer
  •  Infantry Intelligence Officer 
Instructor Jim Nichols
  • Self Defense Company Instructor Level 5
  •  U.S. Army Combat Veteran
  •  Black Belts in Tae Kwon Do and Kung Fu
  •  10 Years in Ohio Army Reserves
Instructor Delmus Pinkston
  •  Self Defense Company Instructor 
  •  U.S. Army Infantry
  •  Head of Nightclub Security - Switzerland
  •  Head of Campus Security - Switzerland
Instructor Steve Drake
  •  Self Defense Company Instructor Level 5
  •  Black Belts in Jujitsu and Karate
  •  Instructor Punishment and Correction Centre in Abu Dhabi
  •  Instructor Security Industry Authority United Kingdom
We teach violence because we know violence. 
Origins of The Self Defense Training System
I’m sure right now you’re VERY SKEPTICAL. With all the fighting systems available out there, it seems insane to think that NO ONE ELSE HAS EVER SEEN THIS SYSTEM... AND LIVED.

What you have before you isn't the idea or work of just one person. It's the result of over 100 years of close combat research conducted by the British and U.S. with one sole purpose - to help people survive in life or death situations. 

Here’s the story... this form of hand-to-hand combat was taught to commandos and special police tactical units. It was used to defeat the Chinese Drug Triads in Shanghai in the early 1900s, the Nazi War Machine in WWII and served the OSS and then the CIA well in the height of the Cold War but then something happened...
During the Vietnam Era, these methods were deemed too brutal and inhumane for the police and even the military. As a result, the pencil pushing politicians dropped it from ALL CURRICULUMS... just like the chokehold.

Inhumane?!? ...Tell that to the family whose child has been murdered or the woman who was just raped!

In spite of the best efforts of government to dictate how we should defend ourselves, these methods were still taught privately in “secret circles” of people who dealt with violence on a daily basis. If you knew the right person you could be introduced and if you were deemed worthy, you were invited back.

The goal was never to create a “martial art” or even to make money. It was to survive and the men and women who preserved these tactics did just that…in the worst places imaginable.

Damian Ross, the creator of the Self Defense Training System was in that “secret circle”. As a multiple black belt holder, bouncer and a body guard with a conceal carry permit he was putting his life on the line and to be honest, the martial arts he learned for self defense NEVER WORKED AS PROMISED – but this stuff did!

Since 1989, Damian has used and tested these methods. Over the course of several years he developed a system of training people in these tactics using modern learning techniques. Later he developed this train at home program so people could learn these brutally effective methods without having to travel or take time off from work.
This is coming from someone who has 3 black belts and owned 3 schools, and most people will never tell you this.

Listen, Martial Arts are great to build confidence, get exercise and learn about fair play, but they’re governed by styles and rules that are focused on SAFETY and SPORT, not SELF DEFENSE and REAL LIFE.

In fact, Martial Arts schools are designed to keep you as long as possible, training longer and paying more for their services.
“Self defense isn't a sport - it's a life skill. As you age or get injured, your need for self defense increases - the SDTS will enable you to adapt to meet that self defense need throughout your whole life."  

Are you READY to Discover…
  • Bare-handed killing methods you can’t find anywhere else (SDTS Module 12)
  • How to easily break down an attacker twice your size and weight… making him beg for mercy in a matter of seconds (SDTS Module 10)
  • How to move like a freight train and become untouchable, even if you’re out of shape (SDTS Module 1)
  • The most devastating punch known to Man that will stop anyone cold, yet will protect your hand (SDTS Module 6)
  • How to flip monster-sized attackers with ease and certainty in any situation (SDTS Module 10)
  • Escapes and reversals from every position known to Man (SDTS Module 3)
  • How to really use weapons, and how to pluck them away from attackers (SDTS Modules 8 and 9)
  • Sentry removal and assassination techniques (education only) (SDTS Module 12)
  • Arm and neck breaks that are so simple, so easy to implement yet bone-crushing (SDTS Module 3, 10,12)
  • How to protect your loved ones in a moment of crisis (SDTS Module 1)
  • Easy moves for any shape and sized attacker in the most common situations (SDTS Module 1 and 2)
  • Quick kill, lethal moves you have never seen before, not even the SDTS Inner Circle (SDTS Module 12)
Even Celebrities Love The Self Defense Training System...
We featured Damian and the SDTS on our world famous TV show "Penn and Teller's Bullsh!t". We tried to prove he was full of it... but we FAILED! Damian and the SDTS are the real deal. In fact, we got two programs ourselves. No Sh**! Check out the episode yourself!
I'm a Black Belt and I've been in my share of fights. The SDTS taught me things I never even conceived. It's an awesome program and there is nothing out there like it. Trust me, give it a shot and you won't be disappointed.
I checked out his program The Self Defense Training System and was blown away. I carry a firearm and now I carry a firearm and do the Self Defense Training System.
Why? Because... you get a full, unconditional 30 day 100% Money Back Guarantee. Choose any program Bronze, Gold or Elite, and check them out for yourself. If you aren’t absolutely, beyond a shadow of a doubt, blown away by what you learn... just email us and we’ll refund your order. No forms to fill out. No hassles, either.

That means you can log on, go through ALL of the training, learn, and even use everything you see... for an entire month... For Free!
Why am I being so generous? Easy. I know hard it is to believe what I’m telling you. There is so much bullsh!t in the martial arts world... so many “experts” touting nonsense... and so little “real” stuff... that you’d be insane NOT to be skeptical. And…this really is everything I’ve said it is.

What the SDTS will reveal will change everything you know and believe about self defense. It will literally change your life... and it will happen... OVERNIGHT!

So I’m not worried about any financial bloodbath from this hyper-generous guarantee. I wouldn’t be trusting you with this stuff if you hadn’t managed to find your way to this site. And I would be astonished if you weren’t just as blown away as I was over this amazing fighting revelation.
I limit the sale of the SDTS Program to a few at a time. If you don’t do this immediately, there’s a good chance someone else will take this offer.

You will NOT hear about these skills anywhere else. This will be the most ”inside the circle” material you are ever witness to in your life. People have risked a lot to get this information to you.

A lot of blood, sweat, tears and money have gone into creating the SDTS program.
"Trained in 30 days or less."
"This is how I protect my family."
"I depend on this every day."
"I teach the SDTS above everything else I've learned."
Michael Kaspian
Thanks for a life lived without fear!!
What a system! I can't say enough. I've been training in this system for 5 years and am happy to say I'm now a member. I dream about becoming certified in this great system and will continue to train so that I might teach this material to others. Thanks so much!
Maximilian Schmid
Simple, easy to follow and incredibly effective. 
I truly agree with the reviews made before that the course is really great, no nonsense or show effects, focused on reality and what works for average people who are not Bruce Lee, and the instruction is well done in order to follow the covered material easily. I also would like to thank Damian and I am happy that I have choose his courses and I like to learn more. I also like that he is straight to the point and has a realistic approach, paired with his huge experience it makes me feel confident to get the best techniques for self defense. And a reasonable approach, which is very different to the many self claimed "experts" who just need an audience for their macho ego. The progression of the classes are also well balanced, so all together a top product for a reasonable price. I really can recommend it.
Dean Goldade
Chief Instructor Goldade Kajukenbo Ohana
This is the good SH!T!
There are quite a few places where Damian reminds us of the old saying Keep It Simple Stupid.. or KISS. This is a to the point, effective method of training. Solid proven techniques taught to be used against a variety of attacks.. Ed Parker the founder of American Kenpo once said "I would rather have 10 techniques I can fight with, than 100 that fight me".. You don't need 100 answers with a separate one for each encounter. A few proven ways to beat a variety of attacks will serve you better when you need them. This is the good shit.. Enjoy!
Jonathan Stewart
The SDTS is a great close combat system.
I have earned belts in different traditional martial arts over a number of years. This system is easier and faster to learn than the previous systems I have been involved with. No forms, just solid technique.
Oscar Broome Jr
Awesome - even taught this Marine a few things...
For years I have been looking for a course like this and glad I become an elite member. As a Marine I have enjoyed the library as well since a lot in there is Marine Corps manuals. I have been to dojo's and they just don't teach what you need in everyday life to defend yourself or family. Looking forward to the life time of membership. Do you know of any cheap place to get mats and Bob?
Phylip de la Maziere
Just had to write and say I do not know how such a fantastic course, that is so well put together and presented can be sold for such a very reasonable price!. I have learned so much and am looking forwards to learning a lot more. Sadly, as far as I know, there is NOTHING like this in the UK. That will change when I hopefully get my certificate. I truly believe that anyone no matter what there age, sex or physical capabilities can benefit from this course. A very big THANK YOU to Damian for taking the time to put it together. I hope one day we can meet and I can thank you in person. Phylip in Devon England. This is my true opinion and no offer of gain was made for me to leave it.
Pete Yevchak
Easy to learn, BRUTALLY effective..even at my age!
Liking the way the program is set up - makes it easy to learn and view over-and-over again to help burn the moves into one's mind. The "demonstrate/explain" and then "drill" video sections are awesome and the "Guide" PDF's for each section are extremely helpful. The only way to actually absorb this stuff is to live it, though. I'm eagerly awaiting the delivery of "B.O.B" so I can begin practicing the actual moves on a realistic target. I'm among the group who has always relied on constantly "packing" for self-and-family protection, but I always knew in the back of my mind that I was sadly lacking for a "Plan B" in any situation where I either couldn't GET to my gun in time or I simply didn't have it AT the time of an attack. Damien's system fills this hole admirably. I would suggest this course for ANYONE regardless of sex/age or physical condition. Having mastered and being able to effectively USE this information when you really don't LOOK like Billy BadAss would come as a massive shock to anyone who tries to victimize you. Get it. Learn it. TRAIN it until it's second-nature. That's what I'm going to do (and I suggest YOU do, too!).
Ronny Romano
Beats the heck out of martial arts...
Good Materials . Need to Review all Materials over and over again until I Learn the Moves well and it Beats Going to a Martial Arts School and I know better what to do when Some one Threatens to Kill me or Hit and Attack me and other People tell me this Person can Hurt me or that Person can Hurt and my Brother in Law Wanted to break my Fingers or Put me in the Ground and your ground Fighting System will give me a Better Idea if another Brother in Law Looks to Hurt me but The First Brother in Law Died but this System is Great for me and I can Look and Practice these Drills until I Get Fully Trained to Defend myself Correctly . I am Just getting Started . Thank you Damian. Ronny Romano
J R 
After a week it worked in the street.
It simply works. I trained for about two weeks or so and used one of the moves from the first video on a much bigger person. It came out like instinct. No thinking, just reacted and it stopped him. I didn't think it would work that well myself but tried it and knocked him back. I have used a few other moves, mainly the takedowns and they have worked too. Easy to train, easy to set up a "dojo". Better than the karate, boxing, and aikido I took for years.
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